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Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse review.

It is definitely holiday season at the moment with more and more Facebook check ins at airports and snap chatters snapping away of their glam holiday doings, enough to bring out the green eyed monsters in the rest of us that have been left behind.
With that being said, fortunately with a wide range of products out there on the market and being able to ‘fake’ a holiday glow doesn’t come much easier than using a fake tan. You may have already read my previous post about the bargain Sunkissed Instant Tanning Mousse, if not, you can read it here.

The lovely Nisha over at the Sunkissed HQ generously sent me a sample to try and what better time to test it than now now that the weather seems a little bit better here in the UK.
I love the idea of using fake tan, and I know with being Asian and having medium to olive skin, the idea may seem a little bizarre, yet as my previous post states,  I quite like the idea of occasionally wearing it as it gives me a nice and healthy glow. Whats more, there are several parts of my body that have always been two shades lighter than my face and hands so I like to even it all out and look like I have just returned from a Mediterranean cruise.

With it being ‘summer’ (notice I use the term loosely) here in the UK, just how gorgeous does a light tan look? Top it up with a coral lipstick and nails to complete the look, the look is oh so fabulous.
This one wasn’t much different to the one I previously used. Both are in a mousse form except this has a spray type bottle similar to a deodorant nozzle whereas the previous was a pump bottle. If I am honest, I do quite prefer the idea of having a pump bottle as you can have control of how much of the product you wish to use and is less messier in my opinion.       
I am no tanning expert, but from my experience, it is not about the price of the product, some drugstore tanning products are great whereas some of the higher end ones may not be. What I do know is that you have to be sure to use it sparingly, it is never a good look to go OTT with these things, the aim is to add some colour and still look like yourself at the end of the day.

I absolutely love how the product did not dry out my skin which was something I was a little apprehensive about. Nor did it stain clothes and bedsheets or was streaky which again was something I was wary of. It quickly absorbed into my skin and results could be seen instantly, although they claim results to be seen in 60 minutes. They do recommend using an applicator mitt and I agree as hands can quickly stain. Of course, the colour is buildable and how intense you want it to be is your choice. For me, the size of a 50p coin approximately five times is enough to cover my whole body. I like to exfoliate my skin beforehand just so that it wears better, although I found I didn't need to apply moisturiser beforehand, as the product contains Aloe and Vitamin E. I was glad to see as previously it contained no parabens or alcohol which was an added bonus for me.

After application.

The smell was not particularly overpowering thankfully and was a little fruity and had a hint of coconut as with the previous one. The colour I received was ‘medium’ which was just right. The mousse is a fine texture and was tinted brown so you can see exactly where you have applied it. It does dry fairly quickly so you have to be sure to quickly rub it in when you first apply it. Also, always be sure to give the can a good shake before using.

Final results? No OTT orangeness, streaks or clinging to dry patches, just a lovely looking natural tan. I definitely recommend this product to experienced and new users of fake tan. No mess, results are instant and it will not break the bank. The colour does not wash off instantly which again is good if you decide to shower after or do not want the colour to develop any further. Sunkissed Rapid Tan mousse has an RRP of £4.99 for 150ml of product. It can be purchased directly from Sunkissed or on shopping sites online. I hear it has already made an appearance in Superdrug too! 

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*Disclaimer- Product sent as a sample strictly for review purposes, all views are that of my own with no interference from manufacturers and associates of the brand. 

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