Sunday, 19 May 2013

5 minutes with the meastro SAHIDA at ZBridal Studio.

Thr Meastro Sahida.
You can understand my excitement when Makeup Maestro Sahida Sardar from Zbridal Studio agreed to let me interview her for a short piece on my blog. I have been really trying to get back onto Blogsphere after having my two children lately and when you manage to get hold of a top Makeup Artist and trainer for a few minutes of their time, it is certainly a moment to be proud of.
If you follow Zbridal based in the heart of Bradford, (Formerly known as Zara's Bridal) closely, you will know that they are one of the largest training academies in the UK with just over 7 branches situated across the North with plans for more branches reportedly opening across the UK.

Meet 'The Meastro', the woman behind it all, Sahida Sardar, mother of three who juggles it all and has created a big name and reputation for herself, as well as the expansion of her 'brand', she now has a huge fan base following her, the recent launch of the ZBridal app, more and more girls enrolling onto her training courses, a trip to Pakistan to do what she does best as well as being filmed for the BBC2 Bradford City Of Dreams documentary  which recently aired. For those of you that watched the programme, you would have seen the inspirational story behind it all.
That's all from me, in Sahidas word "Say No More", read on below to get a few minutes insight into the maestro's world.
Me: When did you decide you wanted to be a Makeup Maestro?
Sahida: I always wanted to be a makeup artist during my teens.
Where did the name Zara or ZBridal stem from?
Zara is my middle daughters name, I have three daughters and her name Zara was very appealing so I decided to name it after her.
(My daughters name is Zara too! :-) )

If you are not doing what you are, what would you have done instead?
I would have been continuing in my existing job as a Housing Officer- although I would have loved to have continued where I left when I joined the West Yorkshire Police force when i turned 20 but for family reasons had to leave shortly after I joined to pursue an acceptable career in an office.
Describe your training experience with Jawaad Ashraf?
Amazing and excellent training delivered by the makeup GURU, learnt tremendous amounts and continue to do masterclasses with him every year.

Describe a typical days work for you?
In short, doing bridal makeup, rushing from one house to another and trying to make sure everything runs smooth and is well organised and executed well.

Would you ever launch a makeup range?
Defo, something I have been thinking about including designing my own tailor made makeup trolley.
Oooo we just cant wait!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Inshallah INSHALLAH definitely in Britain's 100 RICH LIST!!
How do you juggle family life and work?
Its hard...trying to balance everything is chaotic at times, organising and prioritising is very important.
Any tips for aspiring MUAS?
Follow your dream, don't hold back and don't be scared..whats going to be will be!
Whats your most favourite part about making up people?
Love it when the whole look comes together, amazing feeling and total job satisfaction!!

 Three holy grail items you cannot live without?
My concealer, eyeliner and lippy!
How has ZBridal impacted you as a person?
It has made me stronger and more positive. I enjoy life and love my job so much, I look forward to new challenges and I'm always embracing change.
How do you unwind after a hards day work?
I never unwind! Theres a DVD player running in my head, theres no pause button on it! LOL I do find time to unwind with my family but can never fully unwind!

Just wanted to thanks Sahida for taking out a few minutes out of her busy schedule and answering the above for me. It was definitely an interesting read.
Until next time, Au revoir!
Hinnah xxx
** All images remain the right of Sahida Sardar and ZBridal. Not to be used or copied in any way.



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