Saturday, 11 May 2013

EBay Bargain Buy: Beauty Blender.

If there is one thing I love about beauty is that there are always cheaper replicas available whether it is makeup, tools or accessories. So of course, when you subscribe to and watch countless You tube tutorials, your wish list seem to get bigger and bigger by the minute and one thing Ive had on it for ages(after the Naked palette) was the usually hot pink egg shaped sponge also known as the Beauty Blender.
The egg shaped sponge reportedly used by the likes of Beyonce and  Rhianna apparently gives you an airbrush look so you never have to reach for your foundation brush again. The real McCoy retails at around £24, now as much as I love beauty, I just couldn't bring myself to fork out that much for it and so resorting to good old EBay, I found a seller who was selling the much cheaper version of it all the way from Hong Kong at a ridiculous £1.07 including delivery. Sold! And yes, I didn't even mind waiting almost three weeks for it to arrive, especially at that price.
Cheapskate? Maybe I am but I have often fallen for hypes  in the past and been left disappointed, but I wont go into too much detail. Besides, it was a great way to find out if the concept of the beauty blender worked for me before splashing out on the real thing.  
The sponge itself is a high density sponge that can primarily be used to apply foundation and concealer without eating up too much of the product, The edges are soft and smooth
 with no harsh edges ensuring a streak free application. The pointy end is ideal for use around the hard to reach areas that need precision such as under the eye, around the nose and mouth and can be used both dry and damp, although I have found to get better results when it is slightly damp. Being the shape it is and smooth means that it easily glides all over my face as doesn't give it that scratchy feel you often find with some of the triangular sponges. When it doubles in size, I have found that its also great for setting powder. Talk about bonus points! Most of the Beauty Blenders are latex free, non allergenic and free of odour. 

To give it a good clean, simply immerse it in soapy water, soak out all the water and carefully dry with a towel and see how it  almost doubles in size! (See image below) And best of all, no tedious brush cleaning and drying we all could do without.

Beauty Blender first use & when washed.

I have been using mine for a good few weeks now and I am in love with the flawless finish it gives me with my Kryolan foundation in shade FS36. Although, the foundation is full coverage, the beauty blender gives it dewy sort of finish which I love. I especially love the way it glides around the contours of my face whereas I never get the same desired effect with my stippling brush.

Ive come to the conclusion that I need a Beauty Blender in my life as it really does give my foundation a flawless finish, this little bargain was a great buy and I'm contemplating on buying the official one, although, Ive had a great experience buying this from the seller on EBay and I would definitely recommend them and the product. No doubt.

Have you used a beauty blender? What do you think?




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