Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Look into Lady Veil: Hijabs and Maxi Dresses.

Hi ladies, hope you are all well. I am still debating whether it will snow or not in Leicester so thick layers of clothes it is for me for the time being. Apologies for being MIA lately, I have been meaning to knuckle down and get this review posted, but as always, things get in the way! So anyway, here I am today reviewing these three fantastic items  from Lady Veil.

Wearing a headscarf no longer means being restricted to a boring black one, just ask the lovely Lady Veil. Hijabs as they are more widely known as, come in a variety of materials, colours and prints today thankfully allowing Hijabis (girls that wear Hijabs) to have more of a choice when it comes to selecting their hijabs for the day.

Whilst I am no hijabi myself, (Inshallah -God willing- soon), what I do know is that many sisters favour to have a variety of colours and designs to allow to them to dress modesty as well as fashionably if they desire. Some may choose to colour coordinate their hijab with their clothing, others may choose to dress it up with accessories and head pieces, whatever the choice, Lady Veil has it all.

I received two scarves and an equally gorgeous ruffled collar maxi dress to try and I am in love!

Before I begin, just incase you are wondering, postage and packaging costs are at a very reasonable £2.50 (Out of UK fees will vary), so you can shop to your hearts content and only pay the one off shipping cost, how amazing is that?!

Now lets begin with the dress. This is a stunning ruffled chiffon like material khaki coloured maxi dress and the first thing that attracted me to it is that it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The neutral khaki colour means it is wearable for almost any occasion and can be worn alone loose or tightened with the stash provided. Personally, I prefer to have the stash slanted and have the dress tightened a little as it adds a s lovely elegant touch to it. The dress is sleeveless however, if like myself you do not do the whole sleeveless thing, there are options to wear a Waterfall cardigan that can be brought from Lady  Veil, your own cardi, or simply a blazer, the choice is yours. Personally, I quite prefer to complete the look with my Krisp blazer in black.
The dress does have lining inside too which is always  a bonus, albeit being a little shorter than the dress, yet I still prefer to wear black leggings underneath.  


If you are short in height like myself, the dress may prove to be too long in which case it can be easily altered. Also, special care needs to be taken when ironing due to the crinkle delicate material.

I absolutely love this dress, I will definitely be wearing mine to a special occasion be it a party, wedding, barbeque, you name it. The colour and design is absolutely stunning to wear and I feel like a bit of a princess in it, If I am honest! This is available to buy for *£20 and measures at 113cm bust and 152cm in length.


Now moving onto the gorgeous scarves. I also received a Versaceque maxi scarf with minor leopard print design and tassels in red. It is a generous sized scarf perfect for adding layers if you wish as there is sufficient material to cover well. It is surprisingly quite lightweight too so you do not feel all hot and bothered after wearing it for a few hours!


The design pretty much compliments most dark colours of clothing particularly blacks, greys and browns. Hijabis will love the fact that it is comfortable, lightweight, maxi and coordinates well with most outfits. Not a hijabi? Not to worry, the scarf is still perfect for draping around your neck. This gorgeous scarf is available to buy for an amazing *£4.50.

The second equally gorgeous scarf I received was the full leopard print maxi snood (tubular neck scarf)  that also doubles up as a scarf. For those that know me well would know that I am a huge lover of leopard prints, the style never gets old be it a scarf, item of clothing or accessory. The very first thing I noticed  was just how lightweight the material was despite having an under layer. What is even better is that you could if you wanted to wear it reversed since it is a lovely nude colour that would most definitely coordinate well with the khaki maxi dress. Now it cannot get any better than that can it? Again as it is a maxi, it means that there is enough material to create layers, volume and it covers well. Some hijabis may argue that although many other designs and materials are great, what they have a concern with is the lack of material hence having to constantly pull down the scarf to cover their necks etc. And again, it can also be used to drape around the neck to add extra coverage and goes with pretty much any colour. The primary colours are brown and beige and the scarf retails at *£6.50.

Overall, the quality of all three items are fantastic and came beautifully and carefully packaged. The customer service at Lady Veil is excellent and cannot be faulted. The product range is fantastic and I will definitely be buying some items for myself and as gifts in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to check out their Instagram page at Lady_Veil and also email for any enquiries you have.
Oh and did I mention that there is currently a SALE on all scarves for £2.50! What are you waiting for?










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