Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines Day Gift ideas: Him and Her.

Hi my angels, hope you are all well.

Today for the first time, I decided to do a Valentines Day gift idea for him and her as lets face it, for most of us life can get oh so busy at times and we tend to leave the gift buying for our significant others to the last minute. I have put together a short gift buying guide below with details of where you can purchase them from. Don't fancy or don't have the time to hit the shops? Well thank heavens for online shopping. Now the below are just as a guide only and may not be to everyones taste, but hopefully it will give you an idea or two. Don't celebrate Valentines Day? Not to worry, these are fab as gifts all year round too. 

The significant her:

Women love candles right? Particularly the pretty looking ones that smell equally gorgeous around the home. it cannot get any better than the Jo Malone candles, with a wide selection to choose from, you will no doubt be spoilt for choice. These however are not cheap and can set you back a few bob, yet if she is anything like me, shell keep the empty jar and store her cotton wool pads in it. And if you're feeling super generous cos she is worth it, then throw in a matching cologne too. She'll be loving you eternally. My personal favourite? The Lime, basil and mandarin. Check out the collection here 

There is no better way to say 'Be my Valentine' than with a fab YSL lipstick in a classic rouge. She will keep it aside for special nights out only and woo you with on a date night. Nothing makes a lady feel more sexier than a red designer lipstick and the packaging a la Yves Saint Laurent is oh so pretty. Shop here 

It is the thought that counts right? Baby its cold outside, every girl will want to own a pair of genuine leather gloves with a cute little bow design. These leather gloves will keep her well manicured hands warm on the colder days, yet look incredibly stylish at the same time. The best part? These very ones have special tips to use with touch screen phones and tablets. Well how else will she take a selfie with them on or update her Facebook and Snapchat? Shop here 

The significant him:

Ladies, chances are we know our man well and do not need to refer to a gift guide. Chances also are that their gift is well and truly wrapped and hidden away to surprise him later with, but just in case you have not, here are a few ideas that spring to mind. 

We like our men smelling their best and despite the few bottles of cologne they already have on the dressing table, it doesn't hurt to buy one more. It doesnt get more indulgent than Tom Ford's Oud Wood. Rare, exotic and distinctive indeed. This doesn't come cheap mind you, but I am certain it will turn heads and will last absolutely ages. Shop here 

Men and their cars are like women and their handbags, we want a new one every so often and would love to sample a classic Chanel tote for the day. If he hasn't done so already, book a Ferrari driving experience, a true super car and no doubt every mans dream to hear to sound of its engine. Not only will he experience 3 miles of an adrenaline boost, but will also receive an individual driving experience certificate to finish. Book here .

Ladies, aside from a man with clean teeth and nice aftershave, there's nothing sexier then whipping out a classic LV wallet when he is paying for your coffee. It shows class and good old Louis Vuitton will last forever. He will think of you each time he pulls it out. Its compact, has eight card slots, a transparent window for the cute family photo as well as leather lining and a coin pocket. As the name suggests, it doesn't come cheap but it sure is an investment. And if you are feeling super duper generous by chance, why not head into one of the stores and get it personalised for your special man. Shop here

And there you have it, three perfect valentines Day gift ideas for him and her. 

Until next time, love and lipstick xxx

NB: Images are not of my own and are sourced from Google

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